Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure quality of life through service excellence

Vision Statement

Our vision is one where our stakeholders will recognize that

  • The individuals served are fully supported in being participating members of their community.
  • Sunshine Personal Home Care is a leading service provider
  • We are the employer of choice for people working in this field
  • We have positively impacted on the lives of those we serve


About Us

Our Homes in Halifax

Community Based Options (CBO's) play an important role in the Long Term Care sector to those individuals needing a supportive, supervised home environment where they work to achieve their goals of independence and personal growth. Since our capacity is only up to three individuals these homes can be found in any neighbourhood. Due to their small size, they are not required to be licensed and in turn do not infringe on any municipal by-laws or zoning. Even though they are not licensed, the government must approve every home, adhere to the Interim Standards for Community Based Options and be inspected.

Sunshine has four CBO's under the jurisdiction of Department of Health and Department of Community Services and we work to address the needs of those in our society who need help and support with the tasks of daily living. Our clientele can be persons with physical or intellectual disabilities, the elderly, and those with mental health difficulties. We are pleased to provide this housing option for supported community living in a small home-like setting, versus a larger nursing home atmosphere. Our mission statement is to "ensure quality of life through service excellence" and this is achieved by applying our Quality of Life Philosophy to all we do. The homes are regulated and inspected by both Departments to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Interim Standards for Community Based Options. All client information is kept in strict confidence and bounded by a confidentiality agreement signed by all who work for Sunshine Personal Home Care.

Our homes provide care for up to 3 clients and each person has their own private bedroom. Everyone is encouraged and supported in decorating it to their taste and they may use their own furnishings if it fits in the space provided. Common areas include dining and living areas, bathrooms and an outdoor space.
Trained staff are provided on a full-time basis through a combination of live-in and shift models and our services include supervision and or assistance with activities of daily living. Included but not limited to, is assistance with personal care, meals, medication administration, doctor's appointments, recreational outings, tutoring and any other activity that clients may want to be involved in. Clients participate in the planning of a 5-week rotating menu in order to satisfy everyone's likes and dislikes. Staff attends to all meal preparation and house chores, but we encourage any clients who wish to participate in maintaining a clean and safe environment to do so.

House Two

Our Home in Dartmouth

Everyone is encouraged to become active in the community whether it be vocational, recreational, educational or just to socialize in the clubs available. In-house recreational activities are provided for those who chose not to go out in the community.

Our aim is to provide the ultimate choice in living arrangements for those who need structure and supervision in their lives and truly be in a place they can call home. Our approach to care ensures that the physical, mental and spiritual well being of each individual is nurtured and enhanced while always respecting the right to individuality and dignity.

Quality of Life Philosophy

Sunshine Personal Home Care offers a client-centered approach to service delivery. Maximizing quality of life is the core objective of our service and is therefore the foundation from which all of our services are delivered. Every service delivery, structure and decision must answer the question, "Does this serve to enhance or contribute to the client's quality of life?" The basic values establishing quality of life include: Bodily integrity, feeling safe, being safe, self-worth, life structure, belongingness, community inclusion, meaningful daily activities and inner contentment. Quality of life is experienced in the present. It is also perceived on an individual basis and will vary from person to person. It is not for the service provider to define quality of life, but rather to facilitate exposure to diverse experiences to support the client in establishing their own definition.

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