Services include but are not limited to

  • Shelter
  • Bedroom furniture & linen
  • 3 meals plus snacks
  • Staffing (shift and live-in models)
  • In-house recreational activities
  • Common room with TV, Cable, Stereo, phone
  • Assistance with personal care, if required
  • Medication administration
  • Monitoring of health
  • Assistance with medical appointments
  • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living
  • Person-centered planning
  • Negotiation with stakeholders
  • Identification of needs
  • Evaluation and quality assurance
  • Adherence to provincial standards and regulations
  • Companionship




Group eating Lobster

One Community Based Option under the Department of Health jurisdiction

Three Community Based Options under the Department of Community Services jurisdiction; One home being wheelchair accessible

One Associate Family home (Private).


Small Options
Two or three individuals share an apartment or house and receive up to 24-hour support.

Associate Families
One to three individuals live within a family setting in the community.


Additional private services that we are pleased to provide

  • Companions for day trips
  • The setting up of a customized private home to care for your loved one
  • In-home day support
  • We understand that services may vary by individual so if there are any support needs that may be distinctive to your lifestyle we would be happy to accommodate.

Quality of Life Philosophy

Sunshine Personal Home Care offers a client-centered approach to service delivery. Maximizing quality of life is the core objective of our service and is therefore the foundation from which all of our services are delivered. Every service delivery, structure and decision must answer the question, "Does this serve to enhance or contribute to the client's quality of life?" The basic values establishing quality of life include: Bodily integrity, feeling safe, being safe, self-worth, life structure, belongingness, community inclusion, meaningful daily activities and inner contentment. Quality of life is experienced in the present. It is also perceived on an individual basis and will vary from person to person. It is not for the service provider to define quality of life, but rather to facilitate exposure to diverse experiences to support the client in establishing their own definition.

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